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For so many days I was “House arrest” owing to my surgery & a post surgery bed rest. 20 hours I’d glued my eyes on local TV’s  and reading news papers editorials.  I was counting and gauging the value of different things in our social system and their impacts on our social lives in the post 60 years of social warfare.  For example a cold wave ran in my spine to read Pakistan has grew to double the number of last census of 1998 but our politicians firmly believes and wove it is still 18 crore; the census shows the only metropolitan/cosmopolitan of port city Karachi has risen to double then 20 million but still the voices limits it population of the basis of 1998 census.

On every TV show and in every news paper there are news about elections, I wonder is elections going to be the remedy of all my problems nation has been facing for years & years. Why everyone around is paying deaf ears to the root causes of all the problems masses have been facing in this country.

I enquire every reader just tell me why Pakistan was created? Unpartitioned India wasn’t at the verge of difficulties we have been facing ever since we gained independence. Might be youth never encompass the hardships of millions of souls who fled into Pakistan and the largest migration reported in the history of World. Why did Sons left their injured mothers back and continued to march ahead, why fathers wiped out tears on the heinous misdeeds with their young virgin daughters and continued to march ahead. Why families left their beloved yards and belongings back and marched ahead…why everyone had left everything they had had marched to the lead.. Because they wanted to have something better something which united Indian could not lay for them.. they sacrificed everything coming in their way and kissed this soil… there are books filled with the details stories of this heart touching migration but these books lying in the dusty racks of shops, none steps in shops to asks for these old cold stories… people are sick of reading such tales any more… the spirit of independence has rotten and the majority scolds those behind this migration…. I never find the answer why this is happening?

It generally seems elders created this Pak-land into a blood-land for us. When I steps out of my home, I see many anxious eyes chasing my steps and praying silently in heart for my safe return. The overall society from pillar to post, from one corner to another has became a worst place to live.

Mass destruction of the institutions has drove Pakistan to such a dead end. Every dawn news papers receive strewn with the news and snaps of sectarian killings, murders, heist, larcenies, rapes, robberies,   bombs, snatching. One cannot feel safe at home.   One is not allowed to practise according to ones faiths and believes. Extremist roaming on streets with licence to kill, they never hesitates for a second and bath one in ones blood. Merciless cold blood murders are strong enough to hold and mould the institution according to their aims and wishes.

Humans are not categorized as human being; they have categories on the basis of their ethnicity and faiths. People refrains to shake hands at first but to ask for ones faiths and believes, origin and ethnicity and finding upon a same clone;  they let others to shake hands with them. Bird of the same flocks, flies together and the alien birds are being slaughter.  

Religious tolerance is impossible to find, people are identifies through their names and slaughters for whipping signs on their back. Every faction and faith has its own media house and TV channels propagating their faiths and believes; isolating them of the society and sense of responsibility.

It’s very unfortunate a specific sect is being massacred & a genocide modus operandi is on everyday everywhere. Shia genocide is unnoticed by the mighty deity saddled on thrones. Nobody spoke a word when thousand of Shias drove in front of United Nations and voiced against their Brutus massacre in Pakistan.  When families of Hazara were gathered in freeze nights with the dead bodies of their loved one, Nation was sleeping in their warm quilts. Who cares ?

Every years Billions of both Shia & Sunni sects march to the streets as a sign of commemorate & solidarity participates nationwide to mark the tragic events associated to “Tragedy of Karbala”. Aghastly Shias are now being targeted by assailants with bombs and bullets. The situation is worst one can’t imagine until unless ones goes through the same kind of experience.   I was walking down on my street wearing a jet black “salwar kamis” when few neighbours surprised me & halted me to show their concern and sympathy & requested me to seize my moments wondering may be someone out on the streets might kill me identifying me as “Shia”  My  nerves froze and I mumbled is this what Pakistan now stands for ?  One can’t feel safe if wearing a black dress irrespective of the faith. 

One or more radical organization has decided Shias do not deserve to be called Muslims, and hence, to be eliminated We demolished relic of other religions, a rabid, hypocrite & imparid nation is shedding tears on “Babri Masjid SC noticed for 120 killigs of Lal Masjid but silent on shia killing how hypocrite, rabid & imparid attitude of Judiciary

Pre-teens school girls are victimised of religious extremism, Malala though gained a reverberating destiny, every girl isn’t fortunate as Malala or every family isn’t fortunate as Malala’s family. Why we ignore Malala came out on the surface of the sea but everyday countless sank in this muddy stagnant sea of our rabid system. Everyday many girls being raped or thrashed as ransom for the evil settlements of their family feuds are not less than Malala.  Mehzar Zehra of Karachi; a 12 year school girl on her way to school along with her father were sprayed with bullets on account of Shia killings is succumbed to injuries and in ICU for the last 4 weeks; had gone unnoticed in media to take a hype like Malala.

In order to elevate education in the area World leaders gathered in affluent capitals of Europe for fund raising for Malala Programme, but why the leaders forget who will be the custodian of this foreign aids ? Pakistan is on straddling position. World should ask Pakistan to eradicate & abolish religious extremism other these all funds will go astray as was in the past when UN and rest of the world sponsored Pakistan with different programmes. Pakistani bowl is ever deepe, every government wants to have charities by UN and rest of the world as like in Past to endure health, education, poverty for every state responsibility is being nursed with foreign aid.  Donating heavy donations will not resolve the issues but a distribution and execution of funds matters. Has someone ever dare to ask Govt about the funding supplied in  to Pakistan Im sure the foreign donated vehicle for specific project alone can divulge the whole story. How they are being misused and miss managed.

I’m eating my heart out Punjab province with higher literacy rate above all the 3, has more deaths, the crime chart provided to the electronic media by the provincial police chief has terrible figures the capital region topped in crimes and casualties as compare to other 8 regions of the said province.  The same Punjab has 500 casualties due to medicines in couple of year; none has penalised till today.

The school & hospital constructed & supplied with facilities through foreign aids are like haunted building, machinery is malfunctioning, and rusted or taken away, unhygienic reeky pongy flighty sights are obvious at every rural health centre. Shockingly true “Holy Family “one of the main hospitals of twin city just 10 kilometres away from the presidential fortress of Islamabad, reported on electronic media about mice bites to a new born in “Paediatrics Nursery” Holy family was among the few hospitals donated by the Christian missionaries now is under the supervision of provincial health department.

Recently 30 lives were perished on account of consuming cough syrup” TYCO” which now local health departments have cleared and the manufacturer pharmaceutical is unleashed once again.

Although number of furious fire broke incident occurred in industrial hub of Karachi but the most recent and one of the worst in the history of Pakistan, when a multi story, huge garment factory caught fire and 300 people burnt alive went a normal incident for the authorities. Recently another fire broke out in a commercial tower of Karachi; senseless media showed a youth hanging with a window panel of 8th floor of a multi story building; he remained clung for half an hour and then fell on the ground & perished.


  • Poor of the poor meagre resources r under the burden of indirect taxes and still on, but haves are Tax evaders . Who Cares ?
  • Judiciary,ARMY,Media,Politicians, bureaucracy & masses too everyone is digging holes in the boat as per their capacity. Who cares
  • State doesn’t seems bothering for people, none of the political parties have enlisted social problems in their agendas or policies for upcoming polls but who cares ?
  • Karachi is becoming Taliban’s stronghold, says Musharraf | But who cares ?
  • A terrorist ‘cleansing’ is going on against Pakistan’s minority Shia & Ahmadi communities. Protested outside the UN HQ in NYC but Who Cares ?
  • Election Commission should wallop all candidates of by-elections to establish its powers better before General Elections otherwise of No Use but Who Cares ?
  • PIA Shocking stories unveiled: our national flag career moribund & crumbling PIA’s senior seasoned pilots has “fake degrees” Who Cares ?
  • Band outfits earned Rs780 Million in Punjab alone,the figures quoted by agencies is 10% percent of the total value
  • New provinces logical demand has not materialised and the chaos is still stand still but who cares ?
  • Power shortage entered into 7th year and has been double then earlier stage but Who Cares ?
  • CNG shortage has gripped the industry and on the verge to collapse with 3 Million jobless and heavy losses to owners but Who Cares ?
  • 75,000 Cases in supreme court are pending but who Cares ?


All institution of state are poured in felony & corruption but state is not taking measures to cope with the menace, loathe & abhor is creating a distance between rich and the poor. Still billions of dollars are being spent on election, if the same turncoats will be back on the same chairs. It seems the only remedy of our 60 years old problems are just tied in these upcoming polls and after these polls Pakistan will become the Asian Tiger of Economy , Trade and Literacy with peace and stability & brotherly relations with its neighbours.







Syrian Conflicts englufs to neighbours

Syrian Conflicts englufs to neighbours.

Syrian Conflicts englufs to neighbours

Written by Shahzad Gillani for WordPress on 30th October 2012

The conflict within Syria will not remain within Syria, if Asad regime wins to nub the rebels, it will not acceptable to West and if Rebels oust Asad, so the ripples of turmoil which started from Tunisia will reach up till Tehran.  Syrian is not the fist and will not be the least in the list of conflicted states.

Arab league envoy Lakhdar Brahimi who too is Arab landed in Syria to hold talks with Syrian president Bashar Al Asad on the ongoing civil war which is jolting Syria for more than 18 months and has claimed 36000 lives  on both ends.  There is a situation on War imposed on the natives and a chaos has gripped the life and livings of millions of Syrian. Arab league demanded a ceasefire to cover Eidul Adha just for 4 days.

All it could do was give the beleaguered Syrian people a respite from the unremitting shelling, bombing and IEDs causing an average of 150 casualties per day. Turkey and Iran are the two regional states that were the chief source of support for the insurgents and the government respectively. USA is the main choreographer behind Syrian turmoil while Turkey has Saudi Arabia and rich gulf sultanates in sleeves while Iran is the only one supporting Syria. Lebanon’s vital and strong group Hizbullah also lines up with Syria in supporting Bashar Al Asad.  It is to note here, Iran and Hizbollah has old feuds with American and Amercian has old feuds since Hafeez Al Asad era.

The role of Arab league doesn’t seem neutral in Syria; because Arab league is backing Syrian insurgents/ Rebels Army.  It is worth mentioning with massive forces including USA and KSA whatever is being crushed in Bahrain to suppress the native majority demands for democracy; the same is being supported widely in Syria.  Saudi & Americans wants the Bahrain’s regimes to continue & to save the regime ever since the turmoil’s of Tunisia; KSA and American forces are in Bahrain. The current regime in Bahrain enjoys blood relations with Saudi kings & hence they hail from a minority sect of Islam, while the majority in Bahrain hails from the Shia Sect of Islam.

Despite of the reality of the bitter realities of Arab league, Syrian regime accepted the demands of ceasefire on humanitarian grounds. Turkey who is backing Syrian rebels have closed its boarder for Syrian who wants to refuge in Turkey and the life of these refugee camps shows a gloomy and miserable picture. Officially 100,000 Syrians have sought shelter in Turkey but in reality the number is probably closer to 180,000 with a similar number having moved to Jordan. It is getting cold day by day in these areas and the catastrophes are augmenting with every new day.

Lakhdar Brahimi  when landed at Damascus , he was very pessimistic about the ceasefire in his meetings later with Syrian Foreign minister & later with President Bahar Al Asad ; Brahimi got a confidence in his meeting with the Syrian regime and Bashar Al Asad with his affirmations on ceasefire delivered a message to world that he is not having a rabid approach in dealing with the rebels .  The agreements appease the Syrian & a hope of serene come forward.  Unfortunately these hopes were belied owing to a powerful car bomb rippled the northern Damascus in Sunni population areas. The government affirms that they will break the ceasefire agreement only after their forces were attacked or after insurgents planted IEDs. The first major incident was the explosion of a car bomb in a residential area of Damascus in which, according to Syrian official media, the casualty count was 15 dead civilians, including eight children, and 92 wounded, among them 65 children.

Rebels Syrian Army exclaimed these blast were engineered by the Asad regime but the government`s riposte it. Soon after the deadliest blasts the heaviest air raids were carried out & a chaos worsten during the proposed.

Lakhdar Brahimi, in Moscow for talks with the Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov, expressed his regrets on the ceasefire. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon expressed deep disappointment on it. The Russian foreign minister expressed his disappointment on the ceasefires but also reiterated the Russian view that the western nations should negotiate a political settlement with the Assad regime.  It proves that Russia believes that there are “Western Powers” backing the rift in Syria and wants to alight a sectarian and ethnics ground in years to come.

Unfortunately the miseries of the Syrian people and the destruction of their country continue. According to The UN estimates that by the end of the year some 700,000 Syrians would have fled the country. Within Syria, the internally displaced people will almost two million with the UN trying desperately to find funding to provide shelter and food. It is to note here none of the world not even Islamic countries steps up to offer aid for Syrian refuges on humanitarian grounds.

The business capital of Syria and largest city with Italian architecture & world biggest football stadium “ Allepo” is in miserable conditions by the insurgents. The world heritage site `Old Aleppo` city and the famous market, which was a land mark of the city was torched by the rebels few days ago. The overall damage has not marked with any digit but it would take a decade or more for Syria to rebuild what has been lost in the course of this conflict.

The sectarian and ethnic dimensions of the conflict continue to exacerbate tensions within the region. These issues are ascending to higher levels, for example the neighbouring Lebanon which is a moderate and modern country and a strong hold of Hezbollah which is eye ball to eye ball with Israel.  Beirut always ruled under the policies of Hezbollah now came under clouds. Hezbolalh the most powerful political and military force in Lebanon and which, it is alleged is sending its fighters into Syria to support the Assad regime.  Lebanon is seeing as hanging on the brink of civil war, particularly after the targeted killing of Wissam al Hassan, Lebanon’s chief of Intelligence. Wisam was a close aide & trusted team member of former premier Rafik Al Hariri and after Rafik’s assassination his son Saad Al Hariri, who elevated as Prime Minister also. Saad is now in self exile in Saudi Arab & hovering Wissam’s assassination into a sectarian move. antagonist Sunni supporters of the Syrian insurgency are at odds with the Shia Hezbollah. USA wants to topple the strong hold of Hezbollah with domestic rouge since Hezbollah conducted skirmishes with Israel.

Turkey, which is developing into a regional Powerhouse & tying diplomatic knots with distant courtiers like Pakistan; has also affable associations with its neighbours but has developed feuds with Syria. Western Powers has corroded Istanbul’s bilateral relations with Damascus and now both are eye ball to eye ball.  The bone of contention between the two is Kurds.  Kurdish minority have been aggravated by this development particularly since they see the Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD), the dominant Kurdish force in Syria, as tantamount with the outlawed Kurdistan Workers` Party (PKK). These and the refugee problem or even the virtually daily exchange of artillery fire with Syria are relatively smaller problems than the emergence of the Syrian Kurds as an independent force in areas of Syria bordering on Turkey.

Jordan, struggling with its own internal political problems, has also to cope with the Syrian fallout. A couple of weeks ago, it announced the arrest of Al Qaeda members coming from Syria carrying explosives and communication devices. The Jordanians believe that this was part of a Syrian government effort to destabilise Jordan.

Iran is standing with Asad regime and not willing to derail its nuclear enrichment plans. While USA is lobbying to attack Iran;  there are eminent if USA leads any combat support programme to oust Asad regime, Iran will provide a support to Syria and it will not remain a war within Syria. US combat will also add Israel and Hezbollah will attack on Israel from Lebanon. So ultimately it will be a war within Iran Syria and Lebanon which will also become a sturdy for NATO in dangling Iraq.
In Iraq, the spate of bombings on Eidul Azha is related at least in part to the situation in Syria. Sunni volunteers are joining the insurgency while Shia fighters are making their way into Syria to support Assad directly and through Iran. Today, Bibi Zaynab`s tomb in Damascus is being guarded entirely by Shia volunteers from Iran,Iraq & Lebanon.
If the entire region is not to be set aflame a more concerted international effort is needed to work out a negotiated settlement in Syria. Now it the role of UN to lay on a contingency plans drawn up by the UN peacekeeping department for a Peace and Stability in the area. If these conflicts continue it will not only engulf all Arab world but Pakistan and Afghanistan also.

Hill Torrents & Humans Catastrophe

Hill Torrents & Humans Catastrophe

According to the District gazette “Water is the prime input to agricultural production for ensuring food security, alleviating poverty and curbing terrorism in the area” which is now called Dera Ghazi Khan. “Mostly people live on agriculture and livestock. Crop yields are low as compare to the other areas mainly due to scarcity of water for drinking as well as for agriculture purposes. The farmers living in the commanded areas of Rod Kohi (Hill-Torrents) are the poorest of the poor”During the “British Raj” there was a separate department to monitor the hill-torrents within Revenue Department but since independence none of the governments ever showed any interest to manage hill torrents.  Annually these torrents play havoc in the nick & corner of Pakistan.




The City of Dera Ghazi Khan has slopping from 198 meters of hills to its western boundary. These mountains commonly named as “ Kooh e Suleman” generate Hill-Torrents with watershed area of 741 km2. Approx all volume of hill torrents goes wasted because of insufficient torrent management facilities.  The Torrents of the area has 3 branches (1) Wadore (2) Chabbri (3) No Name.

“Wadore torrent” marred DG Khan for the first time in history by devastating the whole city. It was roughly around 45 miles & around 15 miles in width. It played havoc& inundated a vast area of the district by displaced around 1 million people. Torrent “ Wadore” flows adjacent to the ‘Nuclear installation” in D G Khan, had swept away the DG Canal & Kacchi Canal within few hours & ransacked the whole city. “Wador” swamped a vast area of the city including the strategic Nuclear installation, district courts, district jail,dist hospital,GOR ,City’s main down town & even the well heeled areas like Indus Colony , Model Town , Balakh Sarwar, College road & meager settlements like Sadiqabad were under 3 to 6 feet water. People around the homeland might have seen footages on TV when “Rescue 1122” & Army boats were rowing on the main boulevards of the hustle bustle areas of posh down town.

DGKhan is secluded by three hurdles, local flood bunds, the D G Khan Canal and the railway line. It was unforeseen ever , the water flowed at the nuclear facility which enforced the local administration to breach D G Khan Canal and the railway lines in order to reduce water pressure on the side of the nuclear installations.The main DG canal was breached at about seven points. The biggest breach was reported to be around 150 feet in length.A minimum breach of 35 feet was reported at other points in the canal. But it is dubious why the water flow had been allowed to stand in the canal despite the government directives to shut DG Canal’s gates at Taunsa Head Works as told in the reports. Usually DG Canal has a capacity to swallow torrent spills provided unfilled well in time.

According to a report by UN Observers working in Pakistan during May 2012; it was a towering 10% more peril of floods in Pakistan as compared to 2010 average. Even the Organization under UN umbrella had initiated their internal drills in order to meet up with the impending catastrophe.  I started writing in my social media (twitter) and requested the famed TV talk show anchors to underscore the calamity in order to gear up the concerned governments but in vain.


The sluggish & shirk officials of government started issuing warnings of flood in flood areas just at the time when Moon-Soon rains already embarked on the upper parts of Punjab; although the season was a month late which was un expected even. The people living on the limits of water courses paid a deaf ear to these warnings & took it with a grain of salt. Asserting it a NGO’s sensationalism; their baseless assumptions about those warnings were rarely deem to believe.

The Moon-Soon hit the south Punjab and DG Khan as worst as it could be elsewhere. The vicinity smacked with heavy down pours for more than a week. The Western cliffs of “The Suleman Range” were enduring hitting of heavy down pours during the whole month. People were sharing information from their sources living at the generating points of torrents benefiting from Cellular network. But the only passive & sluggish was district administration; roving so low in the wake of panic circumstances.  The officials of irrigation department went hibernated so they didn’t notice the torrential rains & DG Canal remained at its peak with 6000 Cusec. It is obvious when there is a dire need of water for agriculture: irrigation department clutches the canals by drying it and when there is no need for water, canals stream at maximum capacity. It seems the provinces drove at verge of contentions with IRSA, by not donating a single drop for anyone else to use it if not being necessitate in their Province.

The Torrents played havoc in the life of the meager resources that were dependent on live stock & seasonal cash crops which is now ransacked with the spills of water. Thousand of mud houses melted with the muddy water.  The rich agriculture areas from Chotti Zaireen to Jampur swept away everything that had an asset of the poor.  Chotti Zaireen belt on the banks of DG Canal was strewn with “fish farming” are also swept away causing loss of billions of rupees in terms of inputs and expected out come. Rural areas which always lacks in basic health facilities are rare to find; roughly around 100 lives perished owing to snake venom.

Dera Ghazi Khan airport & few campuses were “out of bound” for more than days owing to this disaster and also Quetta, DGkhan road was highly effected due to the land sliding in torrential rains & hill torrents. Few days ago speaker provincial assembly Baluchistan summoned chairman NHA to brief him on the arrangements regarding the road. DGkhan has been serving as a main linkage to half of the Baluchistan for their medical needs & educational needs and also a large market for lively hoods. DGkhan airport and railway are also facilitating the huge population of the Baluchistan. Beside this it is a main trade route from Baluchistan to Punjab. Daily hundreds of trucks loaded with fruits and vegetables come down from the mountains to the plains of DGkhan on their way to different cities of Punjab. So these torrents not only cut the economic veins of DGkhan but also paralyzed the economy of Baluchistan.

It is astonishing fact the people of the DGKHAN never heard of “Wadore” ever strike in the city but this time it ravaged everyone. CM Punjab once donated a huge grant for the remedy of “Hill Torrents” but it is thinkable where this grant has landed on. According to the sources a top political personality within Punjab government, hailing from DGKHAN especially appointed his blue eyed Sub divisional officer from Tehsil Taunsa to irrigation department DGKHAN.

The funding was misutalized at various points; according to reports 2 sippers were made to save a floor mill of a businessmen who is closed associate to the “top political figure” and also famed as their “off shore business partner”. Another floor mill owner of the area when raised his voice high over the misuse of torrent remedy grant, he too was granted with sippers to protect his Mill.

The serving DCO Dgkhan yearns for his media coverage: so the local public relation department always pen down his news and sends to media with a “special notes” & “currency notes” to make DCO please with his media coverage in terrestrial editions of Newspaper. Astonishing facts that DCO is a blue eyed of the local political regime & also in the “ good books” of one of the close Aide’s of “Khadim e Alaa” Punjab, he has been positioned in this area for more than 4 years; aware of every minute “nitty gritty”of the area. CM Punjab has chaired many a many meetings of floods in the district during the flood season of 2010; So the DCO must have had the idea of rivers and seasonal water channels of hill torrents.

After flashing the news of bad governance in media; CM Punjab ordered an inquiry to probe the causes of “hill-torrents” and the funds utilization. The DCO, even being indicted in media was made a head of the inquiry team seems like a proverb “Cat is custodian of a milk shop”.

It is worth to mention here during the era of 1996, Government of Japan with the collaboration of Asian Bank framed “ JAKA” & donated a huge amount to rein in hill-torrents. According to “JAKA” report there was a dire need of making intersection all along the way of torrent courses that can easily broaden away the torrents by split it to the close proximity barren lands. Thus make these lands more fertile with muddy silt pouring without upheaval & catastrophe. Unfortunately the government ousted & the successors utilized these funds somewhere in Lahore.

It’s very unfortunate segregation of Public money by the governments & specially the recent regime of Punjab. Honestly speaking Why CM Punjab is spending huge amount on the development & beautification of Lahore by paying deaf ears to the heavy criticism. Billions of rupees are spend on just a boulevard of Lahore & billions are underway to “Mass-Transit Bus Project” which will cater only 1% percent of the total population of the whole province. I wonder such notions are paving ways to alight fire of “FREEDOM” in North & South Punjab from “ Takhat-e-Lahore”

The incumbent government has completely failed to provide proper relief to these downtrodden affected people in the lurch which by number goes in Million. That too has point’s fingers over the efficiency of Punjab government. Despite of claims by the in office regime to provide all possible support to the affectees; the absence of reconstruction activities in the area is culpable.


Winter season is approaching gradually over the heads of shelter less affectees belonging to these areas. There is instantaneous need of immediate response from the concerned to initiate a detailed assessment process & swift compensations for their recovery of at least a proper shelter. As per the sources told “ Patwaries” are directed to refrain of “ Assessment” on the actual basis because it’s going to be on large scale . I don’t know who is going to benefit from this but I’m sure the vulture doesn’t want to leave any part of flesh left on the slain bodies.



There must be some tangible measures for the affected people of hill-torrents that debouched from ‘Koh-e-Suleman every year. Inappropriate arrangement to cope floodwaters of hill torrents before approaching the DG canal was the main cause of devastation that inundated the area.


Flood Courses are not apt to the discharge hill-torrents. Hence the absence of management of hill-torrents in the area, inefficiency, discrepancy & fund embezzlements of both districts (DG Khan and Rajanpur) administrations had contributed a lot to inundate the area and now trying to exclude them from the list of badly damaged areas.
People extremely affected could not get support from Governments of foreign countries or NGOs owing to the previous embezzlements by the governments; they seem reluctant to pay heed to mitigate the sufferings of mankind on humanitarian ground.  The leaders in Pakistan always rove their boats on burring issues just to take advantage of point scoring. Eventually the people will cast their ruthless wraths on the upcoming ballots which aren’t far from the Chilly freeze winter.

PTI , a revolutionary movement or a turn coat phenomena.

PTI , a revolutionary movement or a turn coat phenomena.

Daily Column by Shahzad Gillani for

In the recent Past, Pakistan’s cricket icon & then turned politician the Tsunami Khan,  Imran Khan, failed to reach the tribal wastelands of Waziristan on a much-hyped march but did succeed in lighting up the political stage once more. International media picked his move & motives of heading in to the bandit’s grotto. Khan wants to thrive in the minds & hearts of the “Pakhtoons” by raising his voice over the issues of US drone attacks. Khan & his party knew well on their parts that these US drone attacks are carried out on the special manifest of US & NATO Policy which has enormous affirmation & avowal of Govt of Pakistan. Khan also knows this that all foreign aids are subjected to this affirmation which Pakistan is totally dependent off.  Khan wanted to achieve the issue to be picked up by International Media only which he succeeded in.

Khan has an ideal mind set, the people who met him in closer terms lay blame on him of “conceit, smugness, Status-Qou or One Man Show but in recent weeks, ever since PTI took off as a revolutionary movement these entire allegation vanished off. Khan turns out the reckoning estimates of the people in his historical rallies of Lahore and Karachi which was even least anticipated by his critics. Youth participated overwhelmed & even social elites too contributed with their participation which too was rare to perceive.

PTI achieved another resounding victory upon opponents on social media & thousand of PTI’s supporters join it on social media. Critics invented the term “ PTI Trolls “ for the youth who never spares a chance to lash those who writes against PTI or its leadership.

During the season of “PTI’s renaissance period” famed personalities landed at PTI from the current regimes and also of former regimes.  Critics lashed & point the finger on PTI to be a party of “Establishment”. Former DG ISI was named amongst the few who were “God father” or King makers” for PTI. I was not touched with this criticism. Might be there are few who persuaded to Khan after seeing his party gaining a popularity & they might tried to save their constituencies by joining in PTI.

There is a dilemma of realism; Pakistan always turns hot on the politics of issues. Every party goes with a certain issues to table before the elections and so triumph it during elections and try to mold the people with it. Fair weather friends who always longs for “ Establishment “ always takes on ride in new parties but PTI was not just a party to sustain with such fair weather friends. A large majority of the think tanks who were independently were of the view and suggesting Khan to have them on board who can win seats for him. It was a hypothetical demand, if PTI tickets me in any constituency &I can’t make a breakthrough on my opponents who might be the old contesting or dynastical political industrial back grounds.  So PTI has left with no other option to choose between the eggs in the basket. There was a thought with the Think Tanks of PTI that once Khan come closer to the corridors of Power he can make the change otherwise Khan’s aroma will go with the wind.

Khan has left with no other options either to sit fingers crossed or to choose between the lists of those who wants to join him. It’s not a distinctive characteristic if somebody is rich or hails from feudal class is corrupt also, there are lots of names  in parties & assemblies too who are rich and hails from hefty lands, Industries or fortunes but are honest and sincere to serve the people being in Politics.

PTI a decade old was no doubts a “ Tonga Party” more than a charitable organization but the visionary khan kept the balls rolling, there was a time when a party banned him of landing at Karachi and there used to be wall chalking on the streets of Karachi bearing his name; there was a time people shrugged for him and his future in politics.  Khan used to have a limited numbers of people in his party and the notables were too close with him but now in 2012 the things on the table are changed. Khan is not that old Khan. His party is not the old party with a rare vote bank and membership; now khan has political elites in his party lines think tanks and decision making is broad spectrum. Those of the old hats who enjoyed a freedom and liberty of having khan with their sides stands nowhere. Now khan has to travels lots to make his public appearance and fund raisings He kept with busy schedule and has to follow a protocols so the old members despite of understanding the cause once the idealized and dreamt off is now few miles away they started leaving the party by shunning it and its policies.

In recent weeks two notables left PTI in fury by accusing the party with allegations. I was astonished to read their “logics” which led them to step out. I m not convinced with the allegations and ideas drafted I have huge regards for Mr Javeed Iqbal. In his Press conference he stated that “ he has no difference of opinion but was leaving the party because of PTI’s policies. The party has been overwhelmed by the associates of Pervez Musharraf and he cannot work with these people. Nobody is ready to listen to the ideological workers of the party. The foreign minister of Musharraf era was formulating foreign policy of the party and during the rule of these people drone attacks started. Several other party office bearers and members have reservations over joining of the party by turncoats and they could also leave the party in the coming days. “

News reported that Khan contacted Javed Iqbal and assured him to remove his concerns but he refused to budge.  Another resignation which jolted the press was of Dr Shireen Mazari, she too has very esteemed personality and has a contribution as her different roles in the society. “The membership drive was hijacked by ‘big money’ this has compromised the party elections.” She said that she was “not raising allegations” against party chief Imran Khan’s “character”, but that the party principles “had been forgone.”

PTI served her a ‘explication memo “that Mazari’s “statements before the press were inaccurate, unfounded, and defamed the party and its leadership providing fuel to our political opponents to attack the party with more spurious allegations” Dr Mazari was furious on Khan for cancelling a trip to his native town which was hit with hill torrents. Though Dr Mazari never contested elections from that area but she had wishes to try her luck in upcoming polls to enroll her in Parliament. Well I believe a learned fellow like her became little egoistic and personal over the issue and thus led her to elevate her wrath which at the end resulted in her resignation.  Some reader may think PTi could have a soft corner for her and avoid serving her with a memo. But since I was following her on Social media I was also of the same thought that the way she lashed Khan and specially Jehangir Khan Tareen and Sardar Awais Leghari was puerile self-indulgent step she had rose on. Both Jehangir Khan & Awais Leghari are named as a most honest & virtuous Members of National Assembly and always tagged as “ Mr Clean”.

If Jehangir Khan is born with a hefty fortune or Awais Khan as feudal and Industrialist too that’s not their sin, they haven’t grabbed money through kick backs or are morally corrupt. PTI is lucky to have names like Shah Mahmood Hussain Qureshi , Makhdoom Javeed Hashmi ,Khursheed Mahmood Kusuri ,Sikandar Bosan , Nadir Leghari though being remained on ministries , at least people never heard anything fishy or scandalous about them. Perhaps people raise their eye brows on Asif Ahmad Ali & Azam Sawati who still are eye ball to eye ball and are still in the ranks of the party too.

There are rumors about few more “Big names” will “ return to their native” but that doesn’t make any difference to PTI of its current electoral which mainly is youth who surfs Internet and are aware of the happenings and traits of the domestic enduring politics.  Khan’s revolutionary youth has shuddered to the Sharifs and hence Marriam Nawaz was launched but her presence was limited to twitter only and she rarely makes public appearance. She was launched to counter The Youth factor of PTI.  I have noted that Sharifs women are lethargic & sluggish in active politics ,Begum Kalsoom Nawaz represented Nawaz Sharif during his arrest in Mursharaf’s era but she gone with the wind when Sharif flown to KSA on exile, none ever heard or read anything about Begum Kalsoom Namaz .

Khan is nursing the wounds of Balouch leaders and also hold rally in Quetta few week back.  Khan will have to be very much careful in awarding tickets to the candidates. There will be a finale on the ground. In my opinion if “Establishment” factor drives away Khan to ticket “Youngsters” as they always point’s khan in different forums and Khan mumbles to be more defensive on it. I wonder Khan should make it clear that he will ticket those only who has a vote bank, enjoys good repute amongst the people of the constituency, virtuous and honest. When PTI will come into Power; he will make policies for the Youth to empower and train them to be the next leaders.  PTI is off course a party of the youth by the youth and for the youth of Pakistan. It aims to strengthen the entities & stake holders and a prosperous Pakistan will be more than a ticket of any constituency for a Youth, Youth doesn’t want ticket but a peaceful prosperous Pakistan where the youth and their dependents will have all the luxuries and amenities of civic life and have plenty of resources to earn an honest livelihood.

Cold Feuds Kiyani, Zardari & Bilawal

Irrespective of westernized newspapers who as per the nature of the story could be the first in the line to blast but unlike Sun or Herald or Tribue or Washington Post, this time the hammer came down from South East. Bangladeshi weekly tabloid stood atop amongst the first in whole world who claimed that one of the Western intelligence agencies have reports regarding romantic relations between youngest foreign minister of Pakistan, Hina Rabbani Khar and Bilawal Bhutto, the son of President Asif Ali Zardari & Former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto who were slain by Taliban in 2008.

The story unfolds the  intelligence report even indicated a ‘cold feud’ between the father ( Asif Zardari  and the son( Bilawal), following his decision of marrying Hina Rabbani Khar, as she is poised to end her marital relations with millionaire Pakistani businessman from whom she has two daughters already. . On the other hand Hina Rabbani Khar is considering filing for divorce from her husband Feroze Gulzar

According to a Bangladeshi breathtaking magazine , Hina & Bilawal were both caught in compromising situation by the Bilawal’s father President Asif Ali Zardari inside Presidential Palace located at the foot hills of federal capital Islamabad.. Report goes on to claim that Bilawal has decided to marry hot looking Hina and his daddy Zardari has denounced his son emotional outrage. Currently they both are confronting each other on the issue.

It was also claimed that with the help of Pakistani Intelligence Agencies mainly ISI , President Zardari has spied on Bilwal to understand the extent of the affair and unearth compelling evidence that also includes telephone conversations & BBM Texts. It was reported that Hina Rabbani Khar has also sent a hand written birthday card last year with a message that says “The foundation of our relations is eternal and soon we shall be just ourselves”.

Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, who is just 23 & now a Co-Chairman of the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP), is the only son of slain ex-premier Benazir Bhutto and President Asif Ali Zardari. Bilawal was just 18 in 2008 when in a deadliest attack near Islamabad airport his mother Benazir Bhutto was assassinated. On the 3rd day after Benazir Bhutto’s funeral at her ancestral cemetery “Garhi Khuda Bux Which is a suburbs of Nudero in interior Sind. PPP office bearers announced a will hand written by late Benazir Bhutto. According to that will; Bilawal was elevated to hold the reins of The Dynastical Politics which her mother inherited from his father Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto . Zulfiqar too was assassinated after a heist cope by Gen Zia in 1978.

It was speculated earlier that Bilawal was not interested in politics and do not want to carry on the Bhutto family political legacy. In famous Program of GEO TV “ a day with Benazir “ aired years before her assassination & during her exile in London; Benazir Bhutto Said’ My daughters lends me a hand in my political work, sometimes read and reply emails for me and do copies on photocopier  too for my office, but Bilal always remains busy with his “facebook”. That’s why President Zardari has launched his youngest daughter Aseefa Zardari’s  in politics on several occasions as a backup plan. Aseefa is regular on Twitter and she copies her mother in her dressings too. She now is Ambassador for POLIO eradication program under Ministry of Health.

Born on November 19, 1977, Hina Rabbani Khar hails from an influential feudal and landowner family and is the daughter of politician and landowner Malik Nur Rabbani Khar & Sumera Rabbni Khar who was also a Member of Punjab Assembly. Hina is also a niece of Ghulam Mustafa Khar, a former Governor of Punjab. The Khar family has roots in the village of Khar Gharbi located in Kot Adu – a tehsil (subdivision) in Muzaffargarh District in Punjab; and has many land holdings. The Khar family owns an estate that includes fisheries, mango orchards, and sugarcane fields as well as a local steel mill.

After graduating from local high school of the native, Khar attended the Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) in 1995, and earned B.Sc. in Economics with cum laude in 1999. The same year, she went to United States to resume her higher studies and attended the post-graduate school of the University of Massachusetts Amherst, and subsequently earned a Master’s degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management in 2002.

Foreign Minister Hina Rabbani Khar is currently serving as youngest & charming lady in Cabnet handling Foreign Affairs of Pakistan. She succeeded Shah Mehmood Qureshi who was ousted due to his statement and stand on controversial Raymond Davis incident in early 2011.

Hina Rabbani Khar was brought into national prominence and national political arena by Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz in 2004, who publicly appointed her into the Finance ministry. In previous 2002 general elections, she successfully contested and secured the parliamentary constituency of her father, after most members of the family were disqualified. With financial support of her father, she campaigned on a newly founded PML (Q Group) platform against Pakistan Muslim League. After the elections, Khar was elected as a Member of Parliament, representing the NA-177, Muzaffargarh-II constituency in Punjab, a position her father had held previously, but a new law requiring all candidates to hold a university degree meant he could not run that year. The Guardian wrote, “In deference to local sensibilities about the place of women, her landlord father Noor Rabbani Khar addressed rallies and glad-handed voters; Hina stayed largely at home, with not even her photo appearing on the posters.” In 2005, she was elevated as the deputy minister of economic affairs and served under Shaukat Aziz. As deputy minister, she dealt extensively with the donor community during the 2005 earthquake that hit Northern Pakistan.

In 2007, she made an unsuccessful attempt to renew her alliance with PML-Q, but the party denied her a ticket platform to campaign for re-election in 2008, she was later invited by the senior members of the Pakistan Peoples Party and successfully campaign for her constituency for a second time. The PPP secured plurality of the votes and formed a left-wing alliance with the Awami National Party, MQM and PML-Q. They nominated and elected Yousaf Raza Gillani as Prime Minister.

President Asif Ali Zardari is known to be very conceit cunning and shrewd Politician.  During this term of PPP Zardari came under clouds many times but owing to his astuteness ; he always slipped out easily of the crises and dispensing the demands of his collation partners so well that all his allies are dancing for him. Zardari has came to a verge of obscurity; this time his real and only son Bilawal who he endeavors to elevate as the next Premier has smash to smithereens. It was also revealed by the sourced according to tabloid that Bilwal have also threaten Zardari to take extreme measures if he didn’t approve his marriage plans with his beloved Hina Rabbani Khar. Asif Ali Zardari must be regretting his decision to appoint Hina Rabbani Khar as Foreign Minister over his blue eyed trusted loyalist party worker Sherry Rehman; Sherry is now serving Ambassador of Pakistan in USA.  Zardari is probably missing his wife Benazir Bhutto right now,who could easily talk him out of the scandal and love affair which he considers as suicide for his already fragile political career.

It is learnt from the intelligence source that, President Asif Ali Zardari is vehemently opposing his son’s willingness of knotting marital relations with a woman with two children, saying it would not only jeopardize Bilawal’s political career but would also invite political doom for the ruling Pakistan People’s Party (PPP). Being aggrieved by his son’s ego and determination in making family with Hina Rabbani Khar, Asif Ali Zardari played key-role behind using country’s intelligence agencies in spreading the scandal about the evasion of electricity bills worth 70 million Rupees by Galaxy Textile Mills, a company owned by Khar’s husband Firoze Gulzar and father-in-law. The media reports also alleged that she and her husband are also among many other beneficiaries of NRO – an ordinance drafted to save corruption money and provide immunity to the corrupt.

At this stage, sensing his father’s aggressive attitude towards Hina Rabbani Khar, Bilawal expressed anger and even threatened of resigning from the post of Presidency of Pakistan People’s Party. He even told Asif Ali Zardari that he would settle in Switzerland with Hina Rabbani Khar and her daughters, though later he even told his father that, Hina might leave her daughters with her husband after the divorce. It may be mentioned here that, Bilawal Bhutto’s mother Benazir Bhutto left a hidden wealth worth a few billion dollars in Switzerland and Bilawal is the legal nominee of all those properties. The secret affairs between Bilawal Bhutto and Hina Rabbani Khar came to the knowledge of Asif Ali Zardari, when the duo was caught in compromised situation inside the official residence of the President, where his son Bilawal Bhutto also resides. Later, President Zardari collected mobile call records between Bilawal and Hina and found evidences of relations between the two. The relations became much exposed to Asif Ali Zardari, when Hina Rabbani Khar sent Bilawal a greeting card on his birthday on September 21, 2011 with hand-written message stating – “The foundation of our relations is eternal and soon we shall be just ourselves.”
It may be mentioned here that, Bilawal Bhutto is 11 years younger than Hina Rabbani Khar. Earliest this year, Bilawal Bhutto was caught in sex scandal with some unknown females.

It is also worth mention here since the scandal becomes known to every tome tick & harry; none of the PPP office bearers bothered to comment on it. I’m sure the political culture in Pakistan isn’t mature to discuss anything goes beyond Party Leadership. I myself has requested PPP officials on social media Twitter seeking a party statement on it but it was a futile earned. It is also worth mention PPP notable always sharing & Posting about very tiny winy things even but their sluggish silence prevail on the issue seems it was not something hoax.

Few days ago in Pakistani News TV channels there were ticker floating “ Bilawal & Hina’s Scandal was originated & formulated by Intelligence agencies of Pakistan” it was a clear indicate that PPP has feuds with Army leadership and thus Army laid down such a rouge attempt to counter on PPP leadership. On the same eve there was another ticker floated on Anti PPP Channel Geo that “ ARMY has nothing to do with this scandal” Official handout by ISPR( Inter Service Public Relations” dept of GHQ ( General Head Quarter.

It is evident that Army and PPP is eye ball to eye after Abbotabad operations and a very renowned editor & TV Anchor once quoted these words in his program “ it was first tenure of PPP, I’d been requesting the Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto through my friends even to have some time for Interview. I was lucky one day the lady conveyed her availability through her MS( Military Secretary ) I reached PM House & was awaiting the lady to come, mean while she emerged through Victorian doors of the posh drawing room I was sitting in. A uniformed Army Officer ( Deputy Military Secretary) leaned forward to open the door for her even though she was escorted by her PSO, DFOP’s PS to PM , She without wasting a second lashed DMS “ such a shame for you guys; cant you even get your Prime Minister with a pony & now u wants me to ask “him” for this favor (she was referring to the COAS Mirza Aslam Baig” ) She when saw me  exchanged customary greetings & seated on the sofa in close proximity by adjusting her dress, she then told me “ Asif Birthday is ahead, I was thinking to gift him a Pony from Army’s Stud farms but Army refused to do this by cutting a sorry figure since I’m a civilian & can’t have the rights to get a Pony from Army’s Studs: Only COAS ( Chief of Army Staff) can approve me with this & you know (COAS) intrigues  a cope against my Government with  GIK( Ghulam Ishaq Khan  & MNS(Mian Nawaz Sharif) How can I ask him for this favor” The editor says the person who leaned to open the door of her majesty was “ Ashfaq Pervaiz Kiyani” a Deputy Military Secretary”

This conversation might seems digression for my readers but let me tell you now Kiyani is COAS and Asif is President of Pakistan I can’t rule out a reality by keeping the past track of my DFOP in Past the way they landed cope and ousted their governments. I’m sure a rigid soldier like Kiyani, a hurt bird might not let the conceit cunning and shrewd Asif to sail freely in the oceans of unlimited Powers and if the scandal is true which doesn’t seems to be at this age without specific proofs, Kiyani spitting Venom on Bilawal too.


On whose hands find blood Malala

Taliban insurgents a group working as a sister concern of Al-Qaedah in Pakistan commonly named as TTP or Pakistani Taliban which is a cluster of few band outfits asserted responsibility of Malala who was shot in the head skull by one of its gunner in Swat few days back. According to the press release by emails and Text messages to famed TV Talk Show anchors widely known as “ Non State Actors” by the incumbent regime lead under the command of President Asif Zardari  , a widower of former premier Benazir Bhutto.

Malalai ( her pet name ) deserved to die because she speaks out against the Us & praised US President Barack Obama. Taliban confronted her as a “spy of the West”. “For this espionage, infidels gave her awards and rewards. And Islam orders killing of those who are spying for enemies,” the group said in a statement. “She used to propagate against our warriors & to defame (the) Taliban. The Quran says that people propagating against Islam and Islamic forces would be killed. “We targeted her because she would speak against the Taliban while sitting with shameless strangers and idealized the biggest enemy of Islam, Barack Obama.”. Pakistanis have held protests and candlelight vigils but most government officials have refrained from publicly criticising the Taliban.


The girls sitting next to Malalai in the same Van told the media that the gunner at first asked “who is Malalai ?”  She nobbed her head and said “me” . The gunners then shoot her with a point blank range of 9mm Pistol. He fired 2 bullets to her and then 2 more bullets to the girls on their arms and legs who were accompanying Malalai.  This means that the gunner did not know Malalai and the task to kill Malala was given by someone else

According to American Free Press (AFP), just after the shooting on Malala a spokesperson of Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), Ehsanullah Ehasan, called AFP reporter and claimed the responsibility. The news spread in the Pakistani media and around the world in munutes. According to AFP, Ehsanullah gave his brainless justification of the act. Later, the representative of the Taliban in Afghanistan, Sirajuddin Ahmed, declared that they will continue to chase and attack Malala to kill if she survived . Within couple of hours, Washington’s spokesperson appeared in the media, condemned the attack on Malala and reaffirmed that US mission to fight against Taliban will continue in the region.

I remember it was winter of 2009 , a famed Tv host who once flown to Afganistan and in the caves of Tora-Bora had interviewed Osama bin Laden; was in Swat Valley. His main objectives was to highlight the situation emerging after the Pakistan Army’s operation in the area against insurgency. TTP once announced their proclaimed Islamic shariah in the area and enforced brainless laws by “admonishing schools  & men to grow beard, riase their trousers till their ankles and women to observe veil and remain in house, forced people to offer 5 times prayers by closing their business and seizure of CD’s TV business in the area” . Swat once used to be praised as heaven of Pakistan, or a Switzerland of Pakistan; always attract thousands of visitors from all 4 corners of Pakistan and internationally was engrossed into “Out laws” in the eyes of majority of Pakistanies. So as to drive out these out laws from the area Pak Army conducted operation. The anchor went to meet people on the streets and mean while in afternoon he met with a girl on the streets. He interviewed her and amused to see her spirits. He invited the girl to take part as a guest to represent the Women of the area since the anchor wasn’t able to find any women of the area to speak publicly on the media in a gathering of people. Since the girl was 14 she neither was a women nor a child but had sparks of confidence to hold up a microphone and face the lenses of Cameras. Later the world recognizes this school girl named Malala.  Malala hails from the modest family of the area and a tribe cast “ Yousafzai” . The girl spopke with her “ Pakhtoon accents on media and bucked up army as the anchor yeans for it in her Pakhtoon accents; she was asked why is she happy . so she being the student vowed the military operations and also delighted to see her school will likely to be restore in few days.  I’ve widely travelled in the remote mountainous regions of my homeland and observer women prefers to clings with educational institutions as they rarely have anything else to do for their socializing , So schools always tends to be a source of socializing as well as a source of study. Pakhtoon’s are not less than rigid than that of other typical Sindhi,Balouchi or Seraikies but aren’t rigid in educating their women unlike Seraiki,Sindhi and Balouchi always yearns their women to go out and find labor for them and they retire back at their home awaiting for their return.

As soon as the media aired the program which lucky enough to have a high ratings even, became Malala familiar with millions of couch potatoes. Social server too not spared a chance to visit the tiny population of the vicinity and approached the sparkling girl for interviewing. She then was invited in a Morning TV Show and the host tried to unearth her life and dreams. So now it was media who made a school girl on lime light and highlighted her with a high pedestals. Govt was not willing to leave behind in the marathon to grab points; they declared her name for the National bravery award. International media too picked the story which was a routine of every Soap Opera News Tv Channels and interviewed the girl.

Malala went back to her normal life in the same vicinity she hailed and continued back to accomplish her objectives and aims. It has been 3 years since she won fame and recognition and awards but she remained unhurt. Might be I may be wrong but I haven’t read that she ever was threatened by any one in her area of from abroad. I myself am a strong adversary of Talibanistaion and Al-Qaeda ever since and Come what May I never bothered in adding my strong condemnations on Taliban Al-Qaeda; but The shootings on Malala has surprised me to think over and over that why “ the enemies” left her in 2009 ? “Hit the iron when it is hot”; the girl was getting fame and rewards, criticizing Taliban and condemning them openly, challenging their authoritative positions etc why she wasn’t strike with the same attributes by then ?  Why Now in Oct 2012? What is so special she did now ?

We must have to keep in mind that United State is forcing Pakistan to do more against Taliban in Waziristan.  The loyalty of top commanders of DFOP is dubious as many of the top generals were sacked by then President & Army Chief Pervaiz Muasharaf. Still NATO believes Pakistani agencies are running with the dear and hunting with the hounds. Pakistan’s both houses in federal Parliaments have passed a unanimous resolution against drone attacks and also added profuse apprehension and condemnations of Salala incident. The media with opposition alliances and civil society is standing against the US policy of drone attacks. Though few international condemnations are also raised on drone attacks but it is still on full swing. Nationalist consider drone attacks as an act of breaching the sovereignty of Pakistan. While Washington always reiterates to continue drone attacks to accomplish targets and also vowes these attacks are carried on with the mutual assistance of defence forces of Pakistan. It seems DFOP stand aloof from US policy since “ Abboatabad” incident which shock the credibility of DFOP and raised my eye brows on the gallantry & capabilities. Salala check post also added mayhem in the bilateral relations of NATO and DFOP.

I must not rule out the element of Taliban on attacking Malala but I wonder there are two direct beneficiaries on of the attack on Malala; Government of Pakistan or United State of America.

Let’s have spade a spade after the attack on Malala & immediately taking the responsibility of attack by Taliban, United States has landed with good reason to prolong the drone attacks on Taliban inside Pakistani territory Waziristan. United States seems to be clear beneficiary of getting grounds to continue its attacks using drones inside Pakistan. US state department spokesperson, said that the popular opinion against Taliban in cities and towns of Pakistan will help their government to go after Taliban. This also reflects that the drone attacks in Waziristan will continue.

I can smell rats about Government of Pakistan too involve in behind this attack just to divert the attention of people and media to gain some support of their deteriorating political positions. I can smell rats about US President Barak Obama too is a direct beneficiary of this attack because he is having a debates with his opponent presidential candidate Mit Romny over his naïve criticisms on Obama’s failure in “ War against Terror” .

It is hardly to rule out the con & defiance attitude of Pakistani intelligence agencies with USA & even with the different regimes in Power during 1998,1990,1993 & 1997. Majority of Pakistanie even those who holds a soft corner for PPP leadership believes their own agencies had a vital role in the assassination of Benazir Bhutto; that’s why former president & army chief Pervazi Musharaf is declared Proclaimed Offender” in apex courts despite the fact the he was the one who was harboring Benazir Bhutto to return and normalize the political temperature and cool down Balouchi insurgency.

We all are aware of the facts that how Pakistani agencies had been dogging Americans in Afgan War and Hence to these swindles Gen Zia perished in a mysterious plane crash in 1987.   Our agencies are involved in Nuclear proliferation with Lebya & Iran and our national hero DR A.Q.Khan sworn on state tv with his confessional statement and seeking a state acquittal.  In wake of so many incident as sited above how a layman a common and mediocre Pakistani is going to believe his secret agencies are not behind this heinous act.  It’s a Win Win situation for both Pakistan and America. There ways are paved again to ransacks everything that comes in their way. Millions of Pakistanies are tied them emotionally with Malala. The way Gov of Pakistan behaved in this whole tragic event , made a cold wave in my spine that they are happier to see their aims are not so far to achieve. Cricket turned Politician Imran Khan ,who was too much supportive of Talibans and were against drone strike, had recently marched to the Waziristan area,  mumbled & left with no other option to condemn attack on Malala. JUI head and radical religious scholar M. Fazal ur Rehman too had the same sentiments of anger, grief & condemnation on Malala attack. Seems Malala has become a topic of National Consensus. The main opposition party PMLN is also condemning for Malala.  MQM which has so many notorious tags in past seems on the top on taking Malala issue and are demanding concrete measure to rectify all satanic elements to eradicate social evils.

Malala isn’t the first of its kind being a victim of vicious society. Many girls like Malalai are being kidnapped, raped & killed by criminals every day in the nick and corner of “Islamic Republic”. Few weeks back, 15 young girls from Hazara community in Quetta gunned down early morning when they were enroot to a nearby school. They were killed by un known assailants on pretext of Shia.  We must not over look what are happening in Karachi & Quetta every single day, on average one dozen people either killed or injured by shooters owing to sectarians or linguistics. Even now the news of these killings is become a part of routine bulletins.

In the last four years or so, Pakistan law enforcement and security agencies tracked down more than 954 top ranking insurgents who were acting as commanders and teams leaders but the Supreme Court of Pakistan has freed them all and also lashed intelligence agencies to refrain of to capture and punish a single terrorist.

The fact of the matter is that regardless of who these killers are and their targets but one reality remains same that in the country of 180 million people these killers are free to kill anyone and the innocent citizens are unsafe and can be killed by any killer anywhere.

In the last couple of years Pakistanies have swallowed all of the prominent incidents and let these rulers continue to rule over them on the name of establishing democracy. The democracy can only be retained if the country survives.

The history of Pakistan shows that people of Pakistan are ignorant of what has been happening with the country Pakistan cannot survive if its nation is continue to be ignorant and let the looters and shooters take the lives of innocent people and ruin the country. It is now the time for the people of Pakistan to open their eyes, analyse and think who Taliban are, most importantly who are constantly supplying them the modern dangerous weapons? How come they are spreading from Peshawar to Karachi, kidnapping people asking for ransom anywhere at any time? How come the law enforcement agencies have failed to eliminate the criminals operating freely, kidnapping and murdering people in the largest commercial city of Karachi and no one has been arrested and punished?

Malala is luckies who has received national and international coverage about what happened to her but there are millions of boys and girls in 180 million population of Pakistan who are now on the mercy of terrorists who can launch any attack anywhere at any time in city or town of Pakistan.

Incidents of kidnapping, rape and murders are happening everywhere, the entire Pakistan is under the wave of terrorism and destruction and law enforcement agencies have failed to nub this menace.  Now it is the time for Nation to stand-up and ask those who they vote for, who they politically associate with and who they believe their leaders are that how long Pakistan can afford this destruction. What else are the people of Pakistan waiting to see and will they then will stand up for a big change?


Trip to Syria, the World ancient civilisation

Trip to Syria, the World ancient civilisation.

Trip to Syria, the World ancient civilisation

I was onboard to Khaleej Airways from Bahrian’s Capital Manama and en’route to Damasuc the Capital of Syrian Arab Republic.  My flight landed at Damascus Int Airport , I was on window seat , my eyes was trying to get more out of what I was seeing for a short span of time.. Was surprised to see 27 different sort of Boeings Park here and there alongside the Run way , it was a like a mini “boneyard” of Syrian Air.

Soon the plane halted opposite the main terminal, Front wall was mounted with the Welcoming Picture of Late King Asad and President Bashar Al Asad Pictures. A blue tube clumped with the body of aircraft and passengers were asked to step out of the fuselage. It was a mid afternoon, when I entered the terminal the aroma of Arabian coffee hit my nares.  Army personal were deployed at immigration counters wearing a uniform same as RED ARMY. The facilitation counters at airport were very sluggish, just Arabic printed signposts.  I was tired at the long queue, walked off to a stall of Nescafe , had a cup of Black Coffee, the attendant was a beautiful  tall lady with Mix Arabic features wearing a dark blue denim, long shaft slouchy boots with a black leather jacket , curly brown hairs ,She was amazing.

Soon I got cleared of the immigrations and stepped out in another lounge to get my language by entering the main lobby which has arches and Columns like French Architecture, silver Vine creeper spread on columns & arches making the view a beautiful. Damascus airport is a modest as compared to the few neighbouring i.e Rafic Hariri Int Airport Lebanon.

My eyes were scanning for my” name card” among a small crowd of people stormed inside the main hall mostly were cab drivers and friends or families of the arrivers. I was glad to see name card were written in English alphabets. My name was there “ Syed Shah Zad” my eyes landed to the person holding this and he sprung out of the crowd with a smile on his face. He was my coeval.  I shake hand with this Guy & with sparkling eyes he said” Weil Come” Weil Come” Please this way and he grabbed my language.  We moved out of the Hall and within seconds a cold wind thrust smacked my face, I shivered. Soon I was sitting in the White Sedan with a blue banding of” Ebla Sham Place Hotel” on front gates of each sides.

We crossed through drive way , he paid Toll and now on main road, on my lift I found a building or abandoned old airport which I wonder was turn into Airport Police sort of functions.  Conocarpas  and Olive Plants height about 6 to 8 feets were planted on both sides & median of the main road. The road was spacious and empty as well. With a drive of 4 minutes from the toll we turn on our right and it was a multi story structure facade & outer face was of white marble.  On both the side towards the main entrance had acres of huge gardens with floral beds , plants , Olive trees and also Vine yard creepers. There was also a mark for “GOLF Course” I was welcomed by the 2 attendants at check in counter and after formal process i was allotted a room on 4th floor which was 414. Concierge escorted me  to elevators by crossing a huge hall which has a huge chandelier hanging from the roof top. There was not any one seen in huge lavish lobby.

The room was spacious with all 5 star facilities, I searched for TV Channels and was glad to get CNN (English) . I need to go for a wash and ablution, I was in hurry to reach the mausoleum  of Sayedah Zaynab PBUH , the eldest granddaughter of the last holy prophet Muhammad PBUH and elder daughter of Lady Fatima Zehra PBUH and Al Imam Ali PBUH. Lady Zaynab had gone through a traumatic & harrowing life soon after the tragedy of Kerbala in 61hj where he brother Al imam Al Hussain was massacred along with infants, elders and youth without water to drink for 3 days in hottest desert of Karbala. The women and children who remained alive in that furious bloodshed were made captives and drove to hundreds of miles barefooted through barren and mountainous tracks to Damascus for torturous life imprisonment. Lady Zaynab stood firm and courageously faced all the oppressions, confronted Yazid the tyrant son of Maviah in his court and during her imprisonments.  Laday Zaynab released after few years and were dispatched to Madia , Saudi Arab and later a year she was again summoned back and  was killed on her way to Damascus. The Placed where she was killed is now her mausoleum is 25 KM away from ancient Damascus Al Asad.  Due to her mausoleum that placed now emerged into a small town which has linked with Old Damascus .


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